We understand the time and effort which goes into creating the perfect office space.

Designs not only have to be acceptable to you, the essay typer com tenant, but they must also comply best professional resume writer writing services with building code, fire code and all other regulatory bodies. Finding a contractor which is qualified, experienced and insured is paramount to completing all of the above.

Lisgar’s dedicated team is there every step of the way, from reviewing architectural plans to overseeing the construction and maintaining the appearance during your occupancy.


Lisgar staff is a creative and logical group. We compare our approach and services to industry benchmarks. However our approach is different from many others. We do not buy expensive tenant service software. We don’t implement tedious response time analysis or tenant portals to communicate with our staff. We keep it simple. All tenants are provided with the on-site office number and our operator’s contact information. If a problem arises, the solution requires a simple phone call or e-mail. We think logically and act quickly!


We are constantly improving the services we can offer our tenants without adding extra costs. In addition to the perks and services, we understand that cost management is paramount to running a successful business. Lisgar Commercial Real Estate is constantly analyzing the “Additional Rent” numbers and saving tenants money wherever possible. Despite the rising cost of materials, labour and utilities, we are proud to say the average Additional Rent was reduced in 2014 from the prior year.


Lisgar is a hands on property management company. We believe our service is unmatched in the industry because of our devoted staff. We assign a qualified building operator to each one of our properties. This allows us to respond immediately to your requests while ensuring the properties are well maintained. Our seasoned office staff will streamline all edit my research paper administrative requests. We have a small group of elite staff which regularly assists tenants with government, leasing and tax forms.


Lisgar is excited to be partnering with “Blue-Pencil” to provide
a secure, green shredding program to all properties and tenants.
The free shredding program proofread essay service ensures a safe, secure and
environmentally conscious way of destroying sensitive business
documents. Our shredding partner is regulated in the industry,
complies with PIPEDA/PHIPA and shares in our green initiative
with a recycling and tree planting program.